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    Understand how this new software release can help your customers across diverse applications.

    2017 Taipei Summer Universiade Games

    Watch this exciting new video case study.


    The show always goes on

    "I use the app regularly.

    It works well, and is a great asset to our productions."

     - Micah d.

    customer review on iTunes

    Agent-IC at NYE 2017

    Live X explains why they love Agent-IC to produce NYE in Times Square

    "FreeSpeak II is built like a tank and sounds perfect."

    - CX Gearbox Video Review

    "The Taste" spills the beans...

    German cooking show producers explain why they love using FreeSpeak II on set.

    "Clear-Com's Partner Blog is one of the best communication vehicles I've seen. It strikes a nice balance between useful info combined with PR.”

    - Bob Snelgrove, Gerr Audio, Canada

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    December 14, 2017 · Corporate,Holiday
    Please note: All Clear-Com offices will be closed Monday, December 25 and Monday, January 1.   Additionally, the Cambridge and Montreal offices will also be closed Tuesday Dec 26 through Friday December 29.
    December 11, 2017 · Podcast,Corporate,Interview,Editorial,PR
    This Digital Production Buzz episode looks at the gear and techniques you can use to improve your sound. From live broadcasts to better communication to mixing, tips from their guests can improve the quality of your audio immediately. Simon Browne's portion of this podcast is from 15:30 - 26:00...
    December 8, 2017 · Corporate,Staff News,Update
    Chris brings 25+ years of communications industry experience ALAMEDA, USA – December 6, 2017 – Clear-Com®, the leader in real-time wired, wireless and IP communications solutions, today announced that Chris Willis has been appointed as the company’s Vice President of Sales. In this role, Chris...
    December 8, 2017 · Product Launch,Trilogy,Mentor RG,Partner Resources
    The Trilogy Mentor RG product images are now available on the Clear-Com FTP site. You can find a login to this site via the Partner Portal. Enjoy! Please contact us if you have any questions on how to locate these images: clearcommarketing@clearcom.com
    November 22, 2017 · Corporate,Holiday
    Clear-Com would like to send all our valued Partners a special Thanksgiving greeting to express our sincere appreciation for your continued business and loyalty. We are deeply thankful and extend to you our best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day. May the good things of life be yours...
    November 18, 2017 · Product training,Trilogy,Portal,Partner Resources
    We are pleased to announce the release of Mentor RG, now officially released to ship. Mentor RG: Product Overview This synchronizing reference generator is one of the most flexible units available on the market today. Suitable for any digital or mixed-format environment where high-quality...
    November 15, 2017 · PR,Tradeshow,HelixNet,LQ,Agent-IC
    LDI 2017, Booth 1122 Latest update gives HelixNet significant increase in I/O ports, expands IP connections, and adds binaural functionality ALAMEDA, USA – November 15, 2017 – Clear-Com®, the leader in wired, wireless and IP communications solutions, has further enhanced its HelixNet digital...
    November 15, 2017 · Corporate,Reminder,Marketing,Portal
    Just a reminder to submit market codes on orders. Any order which deviates from your default market code is when you should indicate the updated code per order. Why does it matter? Clear-Com sets product roadmap plans based on market research, market data from orders placed, and reviewing...
    LDI 2017, Booth 1122 Updated LQ devices allow Clear-Com analog and digital intercom users to take full advantage of the power and capabilities of IP. ALAMEDA, USA – November 14, 2017 – Clear-Com®, the leader in wired, wireless and IP communications solutions, announces the firmware update to...
    November 12, 2017 · HelixNet,Partner Resources,Website update,IP,Corporate
    This new document provides specifications, best practices and guidance for the integration of HelixNet into an existing or new IP network. Your customers can find this on the Clear-Com website listed under the HelixNet product section as well as Support/Technical Guide and White Papers.
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  • HelixNet 3.0

    New firmware delivers 24 channels per main station

    Key Features

    Expand with ease

    • 6x MORE audio channels per main station
      • 12 channels per main station - NOW
      • 24 channels per main station - option WITH paid license
    • Web-browser configuration tool inside master station
    • 20 beltpacks per main station

    HelixNet 3.0 Video

    Understand in a nutshell

    • In 3:48 min Clear-Com's Product Marketing Manager, Vinnie Macri, walks you through the key features of HelixNet 3.0
    • Watch Video NOW

    HelixNet Roles

    Easy configuration

    • Use the browser-based software to create and assign roles
    • Role =  a way to describe configuration settings
    • Assign multiple channels per role
    • Roles allow you to configure channels, audio settings, program feeds, and relays
    • Example: "Lighting Role" could contain lighting channel + spot operator channel combined
    • Select a role via the beltpack
    • Every user device can assign a role
    • Number of roles virtually unlimited


    Create a low-end matrix for your customers

    • Stack or expand, combining Main stations with Remote stations -- or even Remote stations with Remote stations
    • Allow combined stations to act as ONE user position to address ALL channels
    • Up to 60 end points
    • One headset or mic can command multi-device HelixNet system
    • Yes, you can still use Remote Mic Kill on all channels now  ("We warned you to keep it down!")
  • FreeSpeak II

    Next generation wireless

    1.9  and  2.4 GHz

  • FSII Base-II

    Easily identify the differences between the new FreeSpeak II base and the original base. Basic features are one 1 page for a quick comparison.

  • FreeSpeak II Overview

    Exceptional wireless intercom sets new industry standard

    FSII Benefits

    • Superior sound: Quality you must hear to believe
    • Rugged, ergonomic beltpacks: Protected volume knobs
    • Never miss a cue : “Listen Again” message replay
    • Easy set-up:  Quick, over-air beltpack registration
    • IP-65 rating offers expanded use: Water and dust resistance  makes it suitable for marine + mobile productions 
    • Real time monitoring of battery, RF, and antenna links per beltpack
    • Extended battery life: 18hrs talk time
    • Flexible: Standard AA batteries provide 12 hrs talk time


    • Combine  with CellCom-Base or FreeSpeak Base, requires quick software update
    • Compatible with Eclipse-HX E-QUE-HX cards
    • PD2203 splitter compatible with FreeSpeak II, FreeSpeak I, and CellCom

    Simple to Demo

    • Only need 1 antenna, 2 beltpacks, and 2 headsets
    • 1 antenna connects 2 beltpacks without a base or matrix
    • AC60 charger (optional)


    Add FSII to your demo kit

  • What People Are Saying About FSII

    FreeSpeak II is getting a lot of attention - find out why

    Blue Man Group Take Clear-Com on World Tour

    “I’d heard a lot of good things about FreeSpeak, so we requested a demo. The feedback from our users was so positive that we bought one system for the Luxor, and rented a second for Blue Man's world touring company. The second system has proved to be easy to set-up and take down on the road without compromising any intercom performance.- Marcus Ross, BMG’s Audio Supervisor + Sound Designer Read the press release

    FSII Won the 2016 ProSoundWeb Reader's Choice Award!

    The 2016 winning entries were chosen by readers using a web-based voting system. Read award announcements here:

    CX Gearbox says FreeSpeak II is "built like a tank and sounds perfect"

    Watch this short 5-minute video, and pass along to your customers. What CX Gearbox felt about FSII:


    “The upshot is you can’t tell the difference between who’s on wired and who’s on wireless. They sound the same.”

    “Let’s face it – it’s about intelligibility and reliability. FreeSpeak II is built like a tank and sounds perfect.”

    “And 18-hours! You’re not going to be running around changing batteries mid-event.”

    These are getting rave reviews from pretty much everybody and they’re getting used on major events, and people are taking up major inventory. I think the market’s spoken already.”


    Watch Now

    FreeSpeak II "Audio Product of the Year 2015"

    Broadway’s The Lion King Upgrades to FSII

    Read the press release


    “A noisy, unreliable wireless intercom frustrates and fatigues staff, generates complaints, and hurts morale,” said Van Achte. “The amazing thing is how quiet the FreeSpeak II audio is; with a good set of properly-sealed headsets, you can really hear what’s being said during the show – wherever you may be. FreeSpeak II is definitely making our lives easier, and our backstage crew happier.”


    --Alain Van Achte, Head of The Lion King’s Sound Department

  • LQ Series

    Connect 2-wire and 4-wire over IP.

    LQ Networked Control Events

    Understand what this means and how these IP interface devices use GPIO connections to move signals over the network

    LQ 4W2: dual 4-wire connect to IP

    • 2-ch 4-wire interface
    • EtherCON connectors
    • Passes call signaling
    • V-Series + I-Series panel support
    • "to matrix" or "to panel" pinning & baud rate software settings

    LQ 2W2: Dual channel PL to IP

    • 2-ch partyline interface
    • EtherCON & XLR connectors
    • Clear-Com & RTS (2-ch) compatibility
    • Powered PL
    • PL termination, isolation, call signaling, auto null

    LQ-R 4W8: Eight 4-wire ports to IP

    • 8-ch 4-wire IP interface
    • Redundant PSUs (no POE)
    • EtherCON connectors
    • Passing of call signaling
    • ECS, EHX & Drake 4000 II Panels (4-wire & data) supported

    LQ-R 2W4: Quad PL channel to IP

    • 4-ch partyline interface
    • Redundant PSU's (no POE)
    • Each port has Female & Male XLR connectors (loop through)
    • Clear-Com & RTS (2-ch) compatibility
    • Powered PL (DC PSU provides 250mA)
    • PL termination, isolation, call signaling, auto null

    LQ-R 2W4-4W4: 4 ports matrix & 4-ch PL

    • 8-ch IP interface (4 x 4-wire & 4 x 4PL)
    • Redundant PSUs (no POE)
    • EtherCON & XLR connectors
    • Converts 4-wire and partyline
    • Passing of call signaling
    • All features of both 4-wire and partyline units

  • LQ Applications

  • LQ for Broadcast

    In the Broadcast setting, a remote needs to connect to a studio for sending / receiving an IFB and a Talkback or a program feed.


    A simple internet connection from the remote side can get their stories quickly and affordably with LQ.

    House of Worship uses LQ too

    In any multi-site House of Worship (HoW) environment, LQ can serve as the transport link extending the production intercom, audio feeds or recording capabilities across campuses.


    Avoid costly telco connections and leverage an existing IP network just by deploying LQ.

    Industrial Live markets benefit from LQ

    Intercom communications is vital to the production within corporate events and so is the rapid deployment of IP networks. Using the LQ platform serves the best of both worlds with simple and easy to configure communications on your LAN or WAN.

  • New Sales Opportunities:

    LQ Series

    The LQ Series is a family of intercom connectivity devices that links together 2-wire or 4-wire systems over IP. Connect LQ devices to any intercom system regardless of what's in your current inventory. Then, simply set up the connections on an intuitive browser and immediately link the production team together.


    Easy to use and highly flexible!


    We consider LQ like a "digital snake", as they say in rock & roll. But there's an exciting, hidden feature built-in that just may help you close that next sale.


    LQ features Power-over-Ethernet. Big deal, right? Wrong. Actually, this one little feature means now your customers can support 3-4 partyline beltpacks--without a remote basestation or AC power. That's right. Just using LQ, get instant remote power for 3-4 users.


    Top Features:

    • Connect 2-wire or 4-wire over IP
    • Brand agnostic: Connect multiple partyline systems
    • Remote power for 3 - 4 users: Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
    • Auto-Null: No more screwdriver tweaks
    • Low latency: No audible delays

    Scroll through the applications below to discover ways you can include LQ in your next sale.

  • Eclipse HX 8.0 Applications

    At CERN, an Eclipse-HX system with multi-channel V-Series keypanels will provide an efficient solution to interconnecting Eclipse-HX users with both 4-wire and DX-210 systems around the facility.

    Two Eclipse-HX Delta systems are now in use, delivering intercom over satellite links to vehicles reporting from the event. Here multi-channel V-Series panels provide additional audio channels where space, reliability, and power consumption are limited.

    Multi-channel V-Series panels offer efficient and reliable audio transport over on-site IP networks at each event. As their Eclipse-HX equipment is transported from venue to venue, the new V-Series panels simplify on-site setup and deliver reduced equipment size and weight.

  • Spare Parts Directory

    A growing library of spare parts references

    BP210 Beltpack

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 115G357
    • 172G629
    • 369G046
    • 369G064
    • 371G461
    • 371G478
    • 371G723
    • 372G068
    • 372G071-3
    • 375G009
    • 606G010
    • 646G167
    • 806G008
    • G26301-1
    • G27560-1H1

    BP850 Beltpack

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 172G675
    • 172G676
    • 355G080
    • 950G158
    • 950G159
    • 101G055-x
    • 101G055-x
    • CZ11471

    CC-300 Headset

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 506100Z
    • 506101Z
    • 506102Z
    • 506104Z
    • 506105Z
    • 506106Z
    • 506107Z
    • 506108Z
    • 506109Z
    • 506110Z
    • 506111Z
    • 506119Z
    • 506120Z
    • HS-BAG
    • HS-ES
    • HS-WS
    • HC-X4
    • HC-Y4
    • HC-X5
    • HC-X6
    • HC-X7
    • HC-Y5
    • HC-B6

    CC-400 Headset

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 506100Z
    • 506101Z
    • 506102Z
    • 506104Z
    • 506105Z
    • 506106Z
    • 506107Z
    • 506108Z
    • 506109Z
    • 506110Z
    • 506111Z
    • 506119Z
    • 506120Z
    • HS-BAG
    • HS-ES
    • HS-WS
    • HC-X4
    • HC-Y4
    • HC-X5
    • HC-X6
    • HC-X7
    • HC-Y5
    • HC-B6

    HS15 Headset

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 115G362
    • 202G153
    • 202G154
    • 306G112
    • 306G113
    • 306G114
    • 306G115
    • 408G053

    WTR-670 Assembly Drawing

    Includes the following Item Numbers:

    • 140057
    • 140058
    • 210419
    • 210420
    • 210421
    • 240132
    • 240133
    • 251078
    • 251080
    • 251082
    • 251084
    • 280387
    • 280388
    • 280389
    • 280391
    • 280392
    • 280394
    • 280395
    • 280396
    • 280397
    • 280398
    • 280399
    • 510140
    • 770040

  • Event Calendar

    Upcoming Tradeshows and Events

    January 2017

    February 2017

    • Feb 7 - 10 : ISE (Amsterdam) - booth 7K180
    • Feb 21 - 23: AFCEA West (San Diego, CA) - booth 1540
    • Feb 22 - 25: ProLight & Sound (Guangzhou, China) - booth F30
    • Feb 28 - Mar 2: BVE (London) - booth Q16

    March 2017

    April 2017

    May 2017

    June 2017

    • Jun 12-14: MAST Asia 2017 (Toyko, Japan) - booth 6
    • Jun 14: InfoComm Rep Meeting (Orlando, FL)
    • Jun 14: InfoComm (Orlando, FL)

    July 2017

    August 2017

    September 2017

    • Sep 15: IBC Partner Meeting (Amsterdam)
    • Sep 15 - 19: IBC (Amsterdam) - booth 10.D29
    • Sep 15: NAPCO (Pleasanton, CA)

    October 2017

    November 2017

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